Caroline Fyffe

Sourdough Creek

Historical Western Romance

About the Book

“I am now a fan and cannot wait to get my hands on another Caroline Fyffe novel!”
– Crystal, Books Are Sanity

Sam Ridgeway is on a mission. He’s determined to find the deed to his gold claim, along with the low-down, thieving bum who stole it from his saddlebag. Arvid Angel would pay!

Cassie Angel has a plan. She and her little sister will sneak out of Broken Branch before being left alone in the dying town with the despicable Sherman brothers. Thank goodness she now has a place to flee to. On his last visit, her Uncle Arvid stashed a deed to a gold claim in her dresser drawer. Even though it means traveling to California, she’s set on trying her hand at gold panning—just like thousands of others flooding to that still-wild state. Unfortunately, before she and her sister are able to depart, Klem Sherman shows up looking for trouble.

Just when Cassie thinks all is lost, a tall, good-looking cowboy appears and comes to her rescue.

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Narrator: Luke Andreen
Format: Unabridged
Runtime: 9h

What People Are Saying...

“Love this author. This standalone book was a wonderful story full of adventure, heartache, deception and romance all weaved together in an action packed plot. I just couldn’t put this o e down. Just love anything by this author! Thanks for another great read!”

– Terri L. Nelson, Amazon Review

“I felt like I was watching a Technicolor movie! A movie!Engaging story with realistic characters, quite visual descriptions, interesting twists.”

– M. Bohn, Amazon Review

“A claim to the gold on Sourdough Creek brings Sam Ridgeway riding into Cassie Angel’s life and changing it forever. Add Cassie’s little five-year-old sister, Josephine Elizabeth and her ability to get into trouble and the adventure begins.Together, these three deal with a band of murdering outlaws trying to break one of their own out of jail and terrorize a small peaceful town, Josephine falling down a ravine, the girl’s uncle showing up and wanting the claim and a flash flood. Ashes the cat travels with them to add a touch of animal love and devotion while saving one or the other of them from harm.Sourdough Creek is a great romance, a great adventure into gold mining and a wonder family story too.”

– Jane Jones, Amazon Review

“With characters that come to life as you “get to know them,” and a plot that runs your emotions through the ringer, from one extreme to the other, you’ll love this story. Trust, won and lost, builds tension when a web of lies spun by a useless man, tried to pull them apart. Don’t miss the escape this book will provide.”

– JParadise, Amazon Review

“A fun romp through history, this book was as entertaining as it was romantic.”

– Englishrose, Clean Romance Reviews

“I am now a fan and cannot wait to get my hand on another Caroline Fyffe novel!”

– Chystal, Book Are Sanity

“Sourdough Creek draws you in with its budding romance and dangerous secrets. Whether you like Western romance, historical adventure, or just a well-written love story you’re sure to enjoy Sourdough Creek.”

– Mary Beth Magee

The Details

Published: March 10, 2012
Publisher: Caroline Fyffe
Formats: EbookPaperbackAudiobook
ISBN-10: 1475051417ISBN-13: 978-1475051414ASIN: B007CJPH2I
Genres & Tropes
Western Romance, Historical Romance, Historical Western, American West, American Frontier, American Gold Rush