Twice Voted
Photographer of the Year
by the
Pacific Coast
Quarter Horse Association


Associate Photographer for:

AQHA World Show/
Oklahoma City
AQHYA World Show/
Fort Worth
AQHA Select World Show/
APHA World Show/Fort Worth


Announcing my Western Historical Novels
Montana Dawn -- Caroline Fyffe Where the Wind Blows - Caroline Fyffe Texas Twilight -- Caroline Fyffe


“Here is a debut novel not to miss. If you are a western fan, this will make you shout for joy that someone has gotten it so right. I will put Where the Wind Blows on my keeper shelf and revisit it from time to time, knowing that I did not discover all the gems in it the first time around.” –Shirley Lyons, The Romance Reader, Five-Heart Review



Montana Dawn is not a soft, fluffy, romance. It’s a story of real people, hard times and harder choices. I enjoyed every minute of the book and that’s about as good as a book can get!”  ~~Philosophy of Romance

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